It's Been A Decade, NOW I Feel Old

i don’t know what made me think of this this morning, but 10 years ago tuesday (7/5) was the day my dad bought me for my birthday, which later turned into


i was halfway in a coma, because the day before, i had gotten off the plane after being in australia for a month. worst jet lag of my life. i woke up and he registered the site for me.

i can’t believe i’ve been blogging for this long. i can’t even believe blogging has been a word for that long.

on that note, i found something that made me feel even more old. and dorky. thank you,, for saving every terrible memory i wanted to forget but unfortunately barfed up online.

i give you…

![](/content/images/2011/07/ddr.jpg "ddr")
i know it’s small, but this is one of the 2358735 websites i made due to my high school boredom. if you’re confused, allow me to explain…

WE MADE A FREAKING DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION CLUB AND THIS IS THE WEBSITE FOR IT. we met at putt putt, and played DDR, and thought we were badasses. the letters stand for the Winston Salem DDR League Fan Club.

i shit you not.

ohh, 2002.

also, in light of my stupidity, i give you… the pinkest, creepiest nightmare i’ve ever created. i promise, it’s worth it. just don’t turn your speakers up too much.