Thanks Guys...

tim and duane–i love you both but i’m a little scared after today. i like my life here in america very much.

i went to thomas’s w/tim and duane earlier today and they have this huge plan figured out on how they are going to live in japan for relatively cheap. first, something about winning the lottery so they can have a backup stash of money incase something goes horribly wrong. then, they’re going to get “washed up on shore” and get rescued by japanese people and act like they have amnesia and have no idea where they’re from. they’re going to lose all their IDs and all that crap so no one knows who they are or what they’re doing and some rich family will wind up taking them in because they feel sorry for them. they’re going to then sell me on the black market to some freaky asian because i “look like an anime figure” because i have big eyes and big boobs. what the hell, guys. why do i have to be dragged into everything and wind up dead or sold? then they’re going to end up being put in jail and when asked how much money they made off of me, they’ll say $500,000 when really they made $4,000,000 and keep the difference. then they’re going to wait 2 years so they can get out of jail after their sentence is over and come rescue me from whatever pervert bought me off of the black market, and send me back home. :crazy: something tells me things might turn out a little differently. and i might be sent back to the states with blue hair and tears tattoed on my face.

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