Ice Cream for Breakfast!!

i love having benson next to the building i work in! i get ice cream and pizza hut and all kinds of stuff… doesn’t get much better than that. i’m so hungry and $2 worth of ice cream better hold me over ’til i get some mexican later on. :cool:

i hung out with ryan last night and watched white noise. that movie is pretty awesome. i wasn’t sure what to expect and i didn’t really know what it was about but it definitely caught me offguard. he also brought me a copy of the SOAD mesmerize CD and i was blasting it all the way to work this morning. between that and manowar, i don’t think i’ll ever have a problem staying awake again!

i am so bored right now… lately all my long posts have been made while at work because i’ve not had a whole lot to do at times. we’ll be totally dead and then all of a sudden it’ll blow up in this place and i’ll be running all over the place. i guess that’s just how it goes but i kind of wish it was steady without so much sitting on my ass watching the wall time.

this ice cream is so good. :blush: