Thank You From Me & Loki

i got home from work yesterday and rubbed the area where loki’s cancer had previously been removed. it was swollen. the vet had told me to come in should it swell up again, so i immediately drove loki over to their office. they aspirated the area and it came back with mast cells, meaning her cancer came back. after all that.

i cried all afternoon except for the half hour we were out to dinner. i talked to my dad on the phone and that brought the tears back even more. after that i was about sick of talking about it and thinking about it. this whole ordeal has done nothing but stress me out and make me worry sick. over both loki’s health and the money involved. with a baby due in 4 months, i knew i couldn’t spend more money on her. or let the stress eat me up anymore. it meant i had to wait it out and just let the cancer run its course, hoping it wouldn’t put her in any pain for as long as possible.

and then my friend jenn suggested i ask for donations. it’s the internet after all, and plenty of people have done far greater things than save 1 girl’s dog. it’s amazing what can be done when that many people get together and just donate a small amount.

i figured if everyone i knew donated $1-$5, it would be a good start. and if i didn’t make enough, i would just give it all back. she needs the treatment for 6 months, so it was all or nothing.

i set up the donations on facebook at 10:00 last night, fingers crossed, with a link to my paypal account to donate money.

within an hour, loki had gotten $400. by 12:30, she had $700. i was floored. i woke up this morning to $1500. and when brett and i were at lunch, $2000.

to me, this is nothing short of a miracle. i never expected this much so soon. or at all. 49 people donated money, and the 49 of you might save loki’s life for real this time. besides brett, she has been my best friend. i have spoiled her rotten for 6 years, and i can’t imagine having to stop this soon. and now i might not have to.

i ordered her pills this afternoon :)

the day i got her

the first week in the new apartment in boone

partying it up

she likes to watch TV

taking care of me when i was hungover

guitar hero boss

searching for quarters

being a good sport ;)

epic cat battles

epic cat cuddles

being a good travel buddy

total badass

she’s an excellent fisherman

but a very bad kisser

body pillow

she loves her brother thor

play time

excellent foot rest

she hangs out with me at work

they watch friends with me every night

she was there for my wedding, and now she can be here when we have our first baby.

you guys are absolutely amazing, and loki and brett and i thank you. we are so blessed to have such good friends in our lives.