Technology is AWESOME!

B: when i go to africa, i’m just gonna get a disposable camera to take pictures with.

W: that works…

B: yea… the only thing is, after i get them developed, i’m gonna have to scan them all and upload them to get them onto my computer

W: no, brett. no. they give them to you on these things called CDs now. they used to give them to you in just prints, or on floppy disks if you were really lucky. but now they have CDs, and they’re awesome. technology is awesome!

B: really? oh, ok. i didn’t know they did that now.

this made my day on saturday. i guess if you haven’t used anything other than a digital camera in the last 10 years, you wouldn’t know that they can put the pictures on CDs for you. i love the fact that he thought they still made obtaining digital copies of your photos so difficult after all this time. i don’t even know if my scanner works anymore.

i filled up my digital camera while i was in australia back in 2000, and was forced to use disposable cameras after the first few days. my memory card, which was like 5 times the size of an SD card (with less than 1/8 of the space) only held so many photos, and i had no way to offload them. i still have the film from all of the cameras. does film even last that long, or could i potentially take it to a CVS and get reprints? back then, i got them all put on floppy disks (which i still have), and you can imagine the quality of 30 photos that had to be made to fit in 1.44MB of space. they look pretty awful. and they’re SO SMALL.

i was 15 (and stupid) and didn’t get reprints, so when i used ALL the pictures i took and butchered them to put in my scrapbook, i had no WHOLE photos left afterward.

i wonder if the photo technician is going to look at me like i’m nuts when i bring in 12 strips of film from 10 years ago. most of which are blurry or unfocused. and may or may not contain a camel.