25 Days in Africa

brett is leaving to go to africa tomorrow for work. and here i am thinking i was done with deployments, done with saying goodbye… not so much. at least it’s less than a month. i can handle less than a month.

i knew this would happen to one or both of us at some point. that kind of comes with government contracting territory. it will be the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other. i think the longest we’ve ever gone is 12 days, which isn’t much. and, even then, we were both like THIS SUCKS. 25 days? i’m willing to bet there will be a lot of whining.

i have the CISSP to keep me occupied–i will be studying a lot more for that while he’s gone. this might actually help speed up the process, as i’ve been slacking lately at hitting the books. i also have websites in the works, so i will certainly be keeping myself busy.

the internet over there isn’t that great, but it will suffice for talking on gchat, and possibly skype. we’ll have to see how that goes. i foresee a lot of dropped calls and crapped out connections in our future.

all this to say–i will miss you, brett. please be careful, come home in one piece, call me whenever possible, and for the love of god, stay on the military base. also, i love you.

![You](/content/images/2010/03/brett.jpg "You")i will miss this face.