Switching It Up

i finally re-did this website. after 3 scrapped designs and several nights of staring at a blank canvas in photoshop, it happened. so glad that’s over with. i don’t hate it yet. we’ll see how long that lasts.

also, i added a recipes section. while i enjoy cooking, i enjoy it even more when it takes hardly any time or effort. i am not a patient person, and caylin gets bored in less than 30 seconds. the quicker dinner can be thrown together, the better. so that’s what most of those recipes are. quick, easy, and especially man friendly since brett likes all of them. i will keep adding more.

anyway, a couple posts ago i started my “things to remember” category. i was going to do them on thursdays since “things to remember thursdays” kind of has a ring to it. but last thursday i forgot. and today is wednesday. so i give up. here are my things.

the other day at work, i (jokingly) suggested going to waffle house for lunch. today, a coworker took it seriously. so 4 of us went to the awful waffle–me, zan, justin, and joel. at noon. totally sober. it was one of the few times i’ve been there sober. one of which was the night i met this awesome lady. i had a cheeseburger and hash browns covered. it’s the only thing i’ve ever ordered from a waffle house, ever. and it’ll probably stay that way. why? because i have yet to get sick from it.

every night ever in our townhouse, laying in bed hearing the sound of the train late at night in the distance. i actually looked up the train locations on google maps near our new house to make sure we could still hear one. AND IT IS. brett wasn’t thrilled but i am ecstatic!

watching dexter/homeland/sons of anarchy/walking dead/boardwalk empire cuddled up next to brett, sweatpants, socks, hoodies, A/C cranked up, too many shots of whiskey or glasses of wine. loki and thor on the couch. hearing caylin’s little sleeping sounds over the baby monitor. heaven.

caylin’s first giggles that sound like coughs or weird shrieks. so awesome. they’re closer to real giggles now than ever and i usually have to tickle the crap out of her to make it happen but when it does, omg. it is just too much. i love it.

the amount of fun that i have at work. it feels so good to say that. especially now that our team is so ridiculously large. we have… THE weirdest group of people i’ve ever worked with. and that is actually saying something because… when i worked at appstate tech support, that was WAY up there on the weird scale. there is no way under ANY other circumstances, that our group of nerds would ever have hung out otherwise, had it not been for SPARC. but it feels like family and that makes me so happy.

i bought brett a bottle of glenfiddich for valentine’s day and i think we’re going to try to go out to dinner tomorrow night. try. we kind of forgot that valentine’s is usually crazy crowded at any decent restaurant, so we’ll see. if not, it’ll be another quiet night at home watching the walking dead.

we are so exciting.

here is a picture of caylin to make up for it:


i don’t want to be “that mom”, but, she is SO DAMN CUTE!