Stuck In Bed, 13 Things

  1. i’m sick.
  2. i can’t breathe through my nose.
  3. nose spray is the devil. why must it feel SO GOOD?
  4. nose inhalers, on the other hand are awesome. but i can’t breathe enough to inhale it.
  5. colds make my asthma worse.
  6. my inhaler makes my coughing worse, which in turn makes my asthma worse.
  7. funny how that works, right?
  8. i poked myself in the eyeball and made it bleed.
  9. my craving for mexican food has lasted for 3 days.
  10. brett and i had mexican food exactly 3 days ago for dinner.
  11. daytime television is painful to watch.
  12. the only thing on TV besides top model, cartoons, and soaps, is brett favre. and i’m sick of hearing about it.
  13. someone please fast forward to friday. :depressed: