for my birthday, adam bought me a trip to the spa. my boyfriend spoils me, and i am hands down, the luckiest girl in the entire world. included in this was a natural sea mud body wrap, a half hour massage, and a facial. i was pampered and treated like royalty for 4 hours on friday. never in my entire life have i felt so relaxed and soothed and GOD i felt amazing. my skin was so rejuvenated and between all the aromatherapy and oils they used, i felt high as a kite underneath those heat lamps. i will admit–the massage was a bit creepy. i’m not generally a touchy-feely person with total strangers. this woman had hands of magic, but something about the tone of her voice was a bit unsettling. i couldn’t really put my finger on it. i don’t know. anyway, it was incredible. after my massage, i went for my facial. after this entire process was done, i felt like gold.

less than 24 hours later, i was back to the same stress level and had even more of an inability to relax. i often find myself holding my breath with every muscle in my body completely tensed up. why? i haven’t the SLIGHTEST idea and it drives me insane to know that i do it subconsciously and don’t even realize it. i do it when i’m driving, i do it when i’m at the computer, i do it in class usually for the entire class period.

as a result of this stress, my body suffers. this is a huge reason why i wanted to go to the spa so badly. it made me feel amazing and invincible and all that good stuff. i just wish i could feel like that more often without having to fork over $. what the hell is my problem? the woman at the spa told me about facial break-outs and what the cause of them is. she said that when your chin and lower face breaks out, it’s hormonal. so with my recent change in birth-control medication (sorry, mom and dad. ignore that part), that could be one reason my face went haywire. the top part of your face around your eyebrows and in between them and around your forehead is generally caused by stress–BINGO! basically, my face was alright before i went for my facial. my eyebrows and forehead have been a huge problem area recently. with all the traveling i’ve been doing, running all over hell and creation, adam coming and leaving, stressing about classes, it’s no wonder that my skin is hating me right about now. i hate it, as well. i don’t think that’s doing myself much good because the more it breaks out, the more i stress, and the vicious cycle continues.

during the facial, this woman used a little electro shock thingy to “get rid of bacteria”. well, lady, you got rid of the bacteria. i also think you got rid of some brain cells, and some SKIN. after friday, it has started driving me insane. where i was breaking out is now not just breaking out–it is in pain. i can’t really tell what is going on so i don’t know what kind of medication to put on it. regardless, it is multiplying my self-consciousness by a million and one and it is adding to my already Less-Than-Satisfactory Motivation Level to get out of bed in the morning and go to class.

at this point, i’ve come to a decision. i’m going to go to flight school for a week, learn how to fly a plane, fly to iraq, pick up adam, and then fly us both to some tropical island. we’re both going to lay in the sun, eat weird food, drink what’s left of my moonshine, make sand castles, and enjoy doing Absolutely Nothing. and you know what the best part is? OUR FACES WON’T BREAK OUT! :yell: