Starting Thursday...

i will be tumbling again! :grin: after i made my final decision, i got 10 times more excited about it.

i was driving home after work yesterday and got to thinking about how much i miss gymnastics. the workout alone is a high but one of the last times i was in mooresville, i was standing in the middle of a cow pasture (don’t ask) and i just went for it. every time i’m in an open field i can’t resist the urge to start doing flips, so i figured if i can still do it without practice for the last 5 years, i might as well. :happy:

it’s 30 minutes away in summerville but it’s the only gym around here i could find that takes people over 18. in hindsight, i should have just told them i was 18. anyway, the first class is free and it’s $55 a month. i’ll be going to my other class on tuesday nights (and one other random night a week) and this open gym/tumbling practice on thursday nights. i’d like to do it twice a week so we’ll see if they will let me.

cross your fingers so i don’t injure myself.