Football Season!!!

GO APPSTATE!!!!! it’s finally here. saturday is Appalachian’s first game against ECU and it will be spectacular. we’re gonna have to find someplace to watch it (unless… can you watch MASN with comcast?). either way, there will be beer and sweatpants involved and that alone makes me happy.

our quarterback ran over his foot with a lawnmower, and as of yesterday, whether or not he will be playing saturday is still up in the air. :depressed: i guess we’ll find out.

all i know is i’ll be going to (if possible) every home game this season. i missed out on a lot of football games freshman and sophomore year so i’m still making up for my lack of enthusiasm back then. i have no excuses. well, i do, but none of them are legitimate reasons to miss an AppState football game.

hopefully, i’ll be getting at least one Panther’s game in this season, too. never been to a pro game before.

let the games (and parties) begin. :)