Spelunking Over the Holidays?

it feels really weird not having a 3-week vacation for christmas. i was writing my dates on the calendar yesterday for when i was going to be taking off work and it was mildly depressing that i am only going to have 6 days of free time… instead of… 24? yuck.

i’m trying to get as much crap done this week as possible. my dentist visits are done this week (HOORAY for no more cavities!). i sent out all my christmas cards this morning. i wrapped everyone’s presents (except for a couple stragglers in the mail, damn shipping). i bought a tanning package yesterday so i’m going every day this week. yes, mom, i have lotion. i’m mainly going because a) it makes my face clear up, b) it is very relaxing, and c) i feel better when i have a “glow” and am not translucent. i also do not want to look like a ghost when brett gets home from the bahamas this weekend. AND… drumroll… i’ve been running at the gym every day. i have lost the thanksgiving pounds and then some. i am on the ball.

my christmas vacation officially starts when i leave work on monday afternoon, but i told elizabeth i’d give her a ride to the airport really early tuesday morning so i won’t be leaving until then. i made a “girl” doctor’s appointment in winston for 10:45 that morning, which sucks, but it’s the only time i could get in. so i will be leaving my apartment at 0 dark 30, driving to the airport, and then driving home to NC just in time for my appointment. let me tell you how excited i am about that.


i don’t know any female who likes going to the OB/GYN. any female who enjoys having someone stare at their innards through that must be out of their mind. either way, it has to happen sometime or another. it’s really not that bad if you have a good doctor. it is bad, however, when they bring along their interns. yes, internS.

i can’t remember if i wrote about what happened on here or not, but allow me to reiterate.

i went to the OB/GYN for a normal visit. i walked in, talked with the nurse for a few minutes, put the little gown on, and waited on the table. my doctor walked in and we talked for a minute (i hate that little chit chat before they actually do anything. just get it over with, please!). i put my feet in the stirrups and tried to get comfortable. then another woman walked in.

who is this person? and why are they in here… also staring at my innards? the nurse asked me if it was okay (AFTER the woman was already clearly within viewing range of my lady parts) if her intern sat in on the visit. the worst was over, i thought, so why not?

then another woman walked in. it was another intern. i do not know why my doctor didn’t think to ask me beforehand. i just know that i was completely mortified of the entire experience and wanted to curl up in the fetal (why does wordpress not recognize the word fetal?) position and cry uncontrollably.

my doctor asked if it was okay for both interns to sit in on the visit. the worst was over, i thought, so LET’S MAKE IT AN EVENT! someone go get popcorn.

the worst was not over. the worst part was when they all put on headlamps, my doctor holding that dreaded “tool” in hand. i seriously thought they were about to go spelunking. like it was the magic school bus or something and they were about to shrink to 1/1000000th of their normal size, and walk right in.

so on top of the normal jitters surrounding a regular OB/GYN visit, there’s always that!