Again, Bubble Girl

i can’t tell if it’s a cold coming or just my allergies flaring up.

the cat has been crawling into bed with me lately after i’ve already fallen asleep, and he never used to do that. loki joined in last night, too, and she never sleeps with me. maybe they were cold–i tend to keep it ~68 degrees in my apartment. who knows.

either way, i woke up this morning and my voice sounded like i’d been a smoker for the last 15 years. i called elizabeth and told her i wouldn’t be coming in. my eyes were all swollen and i couldn’t quit sniffing and snorting and blowing my nose. i think the sore throat was a side effect of all the sniffing and snorting. i slept in until 10:30 and felt a bit better, especially compared to what i felt like at 6:30 this morning.

why does it always work that way, anyway? why do you always feel the worst in the morning or right before going to bed? i’m sure there’s an answer for that but i’ve never heard it.

i layed on the couch in my pajamas until… 3 pm. watched all my favorite shows. dreamed about being at the bahamas with brett and his family instead of… on the couch in my pajamas. he and his brother called me on skype to say hey and showed me the view from the hotel, which is hard to see through all the palm trees (which i get enough of around here, and used to be excited about, kind of ruined it) but i got a small glimpse of the clear blue water. and the swimming pool. and the sunshine. side note–they’re at the casino now and brett just texted me to tell me he’s up $200 in roulette. this is good because we’re going to vegas in 3 weeks. more money, more problems blackjack!

anyway, seeing them in the sunshine gave me the energy to get up, shower, and run a few errands. i took loki to get her nails clipped at petsmart, which was a nightmare. and a bad idea for 2 reasons–1) my allergies flared up again, and 2) there was an 8 week old shih tzu in there and i fell in love with his little squish face. i miss my shih tzus.

i also stopped at rite aid to buy more scotch tape (wrapping presents cleaned me out) and came out with way more crap than i needed. including dark chocolate, because she said that eating a small amount daily helps regulate serotonin levels. even if it doesn’t help, it’s chocolate. i still win. i also got more christmas ornaments for $2 and a new hair dryer.

it’s pink. and it doesn’t shoot blue flames out the end of it. i am happy.

i went to the gym, cooked dinner, and i am now planted back on the couch in pajamas. sounds familiar, right?

this weekend can’t come soon enough.