i’ve been slacking on the site this weekend… which means i haven’t done shit for it at all. pictures and updates and everything will be up eventually. i’ve been at the highlands since friday after dinner and we’ve been partying and sledding and making snowmen and beating the crap out of eachother over here. brian came up from charlotte finally to hang out with us and it’s been a blast. i think the entire weekend the apartment hasn’t had less than like 8 or 9 people in it. except for right now…. because i don’t know where anyone is. but, it’s been awesome. i finally saw requiem for a dream. daniel and i watched it last night. great movie… very disturbing. remind me to never do drugs. :biggrin: i’ve had a lot on my mind with this particular holiday coming up and i’ve had better things to do than sit at the computer. like getting towed behind daniel’s jeep on a sled on the blue ridge parkway at 20 miles an hour…! life is good. my mood swings just keep getting in the way.