My Head Won't Stop Spinning!

this month is going to drive me absolutely INSANE by the time valentine’s day and our trip to georgia are over with. i don’t want them to be over with, really, but i want my head to stop thinking before i send myself into panic mode with a nervous breakdown and permanent twitching as an after effect. it’s not exactly the bad kind of nervous–just an extreme version of the excited kind. daniel and i went and had lunch today inbetween his classes and while i left work for a little while and he started talking about valentine’s day and it completely confused the hell out of me so now i do not know what to think about what’s going down on the 18th/19th… all i know is that i will “remember it for the rest of [my] life,” according to daniel. i am unable to make any rational decisions/thoughts about anything and i think i will be in this state until valentine’s day commenses and i start putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. god, help me. this is the first time i will ever say these words: I NEED A BEER. NOW.

i really need to go move my car… i kind of forgot about it until lunchtime. i hope it hasn’t gotten towed out of the highlands visitor lot yet.

daniel and i had a freaking random trip to tweetsie railroad last night at about 11:30 to go SLEDDING. that trip will stick in my mind forever. i’ve never climbed a hill that steep before and i’ve certainly never sledded down one that steep before. for the first few moments of slipping over the top of the hill i kind of did think that i was going to be severely injured either by hitting the second hill or by flying into the creek. i held onto daniel’s feet for dear life and those couple seconds of high speed, snow-in-the-face-and-up-the-pants screaming were over in no time and it was well worth the coldness. :smile: so, SO much fun!

i’m gonna get changed and move my car and then head back to tech. support for the meeting tonight. sigh just gotta keep myself busy.