Snowboarding Adventure

sooo my first time boarding was definitely interesting, for a few reasons. first reason- it was raining like crazy all night. ashley and i got there way early (thank god because the line was so long after we finished getting signed in) and got our lift tickets and rented our boards and boots. i got all my gear on and after a while of sitting around waiting, we headed out. all you could see was my face. apparently, when clothes say “waterproof,” they don’t mean it will stay waterproof all night. my clothes wound up soaked through everything. regardless of this, i had a big cheesy grin all night.

we got through our class fine, and i fell over 2-3 times. our instructor is cool and he’s from kernersville so i guess i have to be nice to him since i’m pretty sure he knows my friends. he taught us how to stand up, go, and stop with the J turn thing on almost flat ground.

now, notice i said almost flat ground. ashley convinced me to go on the other slopes with her (she’d gone snowboarding before, i had never stepped foot on one) and i didn’t fall the first time on the lift. yay me! so i got off and got my other foot on my board and tried to go. fell down, got stuck, and could never get up. rich and cody tried to help me up and then eventually everyone gave up. i went through a long process of falling down every 2 seconds for a while, and for some reason a miracle happened and i went down the rest of the slope without falling.

the second time we went down was not pretty. i got up and got down about 1/4 of it. i busted ass. i got up, and was standing up going down with the board sideways and stuff so i went slow, and for some reason i leaned forward (dumb idea) and without even a chance to bend my knees i did a face plant straight into the snow. ashley, rich, and cody got a good laugh out of this. i did not. i sat and ate snow… and rubbed my knees because at this point i was certain they were bleeding. i never fell on my ass… always my knees, or my face. i got up and going finally, and i got almost to the bottom, wiped out, took my board off and scooted my way down on my ass… not intentionally, of course. i just couldn’t stand up.

we went inside because at this point everyone was drenched. i failed to realize my shirt was see through until i’d already taken my coat off and walked into the ladies’ bathroom and yep, definitely had one side soaked, the other side dry. not sure how that happened.

i gave up on the rain thing eventually and just said screw it after that. ashley and i got ready to go and ran like hell through the parking lot. i jumped in all the puddles and frolicked in the rain and it reminded me of being 10 again. usually we did that in the summertime but i suppose the winter works just as well. i hope no one in the parking lot was watching.

now i’m warm in dry clothes in my apartment and it feels great. especially with the heat on and some dinner. :biggrin: i will sleep well tonight, and i’ll be all rested up for the bon jovi concert tomorrow night!