Slow Day

i rolled out of bed to play tech. support at app. heights for my buddy jay… as exciting as that sounds, i didn’t stay very long. i hate that i wasn’t getting paid but he’s a friend and i like to be friendly.

i grabbed lunch on the way home and got back to my apartment and was lazy for a while. i decided it was the perfect time to hook up the speakers my mom bought me for christmas. i cleared everything off my desk and dusted (so much shit on there it was no wonder my fan on my laptop got clogged) and made room for my sweeeet speakers. i hooked them up and it was the most beautiful sound i ever heard–skid row blaring from my brand new setup. i am now living in my own tiny heaven.

speaking of music, bon jovi is wednesday and james and i are going to be rockin’ out for hours that night and i am stoked! our concerts are by far some of the best experiences ever. something crazy always happens. :smile: whether it be hanging out with old drunk rednecks, watching dildos catch fire on stage, midgets spanking nuns, getting passed around on strangers shoulders in the crowd, it’s always something crazy.

i am also very excited about this week because snowboarding starts tomorrow night and that will be a blast! lots of my buddies have the same night and ashley and i are riding up together and it will most definitely be a good time. now, last year i had skiing… snowboarding will be a new adventure because my ass will surely be hurting on wednesday. i plan on falling. a lot. i’ll try to get pictures, too.

AND… dun dun dun… adam comes friday. i’m going to fayetteville to get him (calm down, mother) and then taking him back sunday. now, to those of you thinking, “why not just stay there?”… well, that’s because THERE IS NOTHING TO DO IN FAYETTEVILLE. we’re going to makoto’s and we’re going to see underworld II whatever it is called and we’re going tubing at hawk’s nest saturday. it’s gonna be freaking awesome.

nothing can get me down this week. hopefully, having said that, i haven’t jinxed myself. goodnight everyone… :biggrin: