last night i had the bright idea to drink 4 red bulls with 3 shots of wild turkey and i drank it immediately after eating egg salad. for some reason, this didn’t strike me as a bad idea until 9AM when i woke up and didn’t stop puking ’til about 2:45. whyyy must i be so stupid sometimes? who knows.

i spent most of the afternoon at work. matt and rob gave me a ride home and i think they intentionally flew around all the turns to make my stomach turn. i’m still not 100% feeling right but tonight’s sleep should be amazing since i didn’t get much last night. i was twitching ’cause i had so much caffeine in me. probably not healthy.

i had my econ. midterm this afternoon and i think i did well on it. i’m pretty happy about all my classes so far. halfway through them and i still have As and Bs… :biggrin: yesss!

i took it easy tonight and stayed in and watched moulin rouge and top gun. after seeing val kilmer it made me want to watch tombstone. i haven’t seen it since october-ish. awesome freakin movie. moulin rouge made me miss australia and top gun made me miss adam even more.

he was in the field tuesday-tonight and that was the longest i’d gone without speaking to him since we started dating. i have to say i didn’t like it all too much but i guess that’s what happens when you date them army boys. this weekend will be well worth the wait. it’s been 2 weeks and i believe it’s been the slowest damn 2 weeks ever. 3 days will fly by so i’m definitely gonna be hanging on every second of it. i can’t wait ’til the summer when i’ll be able to see him more often.

i’m going to world civ. tomorrow morning and then i’m headed straight back to my apartment and then driving to fayetteville. after making this drive so many times it seems to get shorter and shorter, which is nice. i got a bunch of new songs to put on my ipod so that will be nice.

anyway, i’m calling it a night. i need a good night’s sleep tonight.