i have taken my econ. exam, tomorrow is my world civ. exam and my project is due, and thursday at 6 is my accounting exam… i want this week to be DONE!!!

immediately after my accounting exam, i’ll be driving home to see VANILLA ICE at red rooster! hells yeah. stacey and james are going and i’m not sure who else. it’s going to be badass. i can’t believe he’s playing in winston. not really sure what to expect… :biggrin:

i plan on hanging out in king thursday and friday (hopefully!!) and then saturday morning, stacey and i are off to DAYTONA!! it will be amazing… definitely. i am so psyched about this trip. the house is incredible and it’s right on the beach and near a bunch of clubs/bars. yesss!!! i can’t wait to relax, get a tan, and lay in the sand.

i need to go finish studying. someone lock my computer in a safe for me.