Settled In & Snuggled Up

i brought the last of my things down to adam’s apartment last night and the only thing i forgot that i really wanted to bring is my playstation–not a ps3, not a ps2, but a ps one. after my database exam, a couple of buddies and i were sitting in the lobby bullshitting and talking about video games we used to play when we were younger. spyro came up and i suddenly got the worst craving to play that game again. i used to play that for hours and hours on end. i got so amped up thinking about it, and then when i went to my mom’s, i completely forgot. :cry: oh well. next time.

adam worked all day today and then had volleyball practice (he was picked captain for all american week) so he didn’t get home until about 7:30, which gave me plenty of time to sleep until 11, and work on websites for the 8 hours after that. i didn’t get off the couch except to shower and refill my cup of lemonade. :smile: i think after this weekend, i’ll be plenty ready to start a real job. i just hope they give me good hours.

as soon as adam got home, we went to the grocery store because there wasn’t squat to eat around here. i saw mangos and got all excited and had to buy one. it would be better if i had ice cream and peach pie to go with it, though, because i remember eating that on spring break one year down in florida and it was like heaven in a spoon. we also bought frozen pizza (a staple of our generation), stuff to make salads (we eat salad like it’s our job), and then i bought half a dozen eggs so i can make deviled eggs one day soon and totally gross adam out. i can’t wait… :twisted:

since we got home, we’ve been planted on the couch. i’ve been working on a website that a friend and i are co-creating and adam’s been glued to GTA IV. i didn’t think it was possible to phase me when it comes to video games anymore, but i had NO idea that a game manufacturer would go as far as causing the controller to vibrate when the main character had sex with one of the female passerbys. i think Rockstar went over the top with this one, but that’s just my opinion.

i have nothing worthwhile to talk about, aside from my A in my networking class and my B in my database class (got an A on my final exam :wink: ). my other grades have not been posted yet, which bugs the heck out of me, but what can i do, right? classes are over and i can relax. it’s a pretty exciting feeling. i think this summer is gonna be a lot of fun.

back to coding… /me sighs.