Second Thoughts...?

my boyfriend is in the bathroom…shaving his legs. :eek:

the costume party is tonight. he has his naughty nurse costume all picked out, red banana hammock included. i will be getting tonight’s shenanigans on video and i will be taking lots of pictures. i’m pretty sure this is something i never want to forget… or let them forget. or let them even try to forget.

on a side note, last night was amazing and i never thought playing beer pong with married couples (and freaking officers) could be so much fun. one of our FRG leaders was there and she kept handing me airplane bottles of SoCo. i don’t want to touch that shit ever again. i will stick with my jack daniels. cue Miranda Lambert’s “i fell in looove with jack daaaaniels again…”

oh, and adam and i tore up the dance floor. oh yes.