Humility At Its Finest

there is nothing i enjoy more than shaving my own boyfriend’s ass and watching him run around a military base in a skin tight nurse’s costume.

i put up pictures from this weekend’s post-halloween party and i have to say, i’ve never seen so many straight men dressed in drag. i also never thought my boyfriend would be one of them. i’m glad there was a lot of alcohol involved… mostly because i think i may have vomited at some point during the evening due to seeing so many man-thongs and hairy asses. i would like to point out that adam was the only one who did not have to worry about the second half of that statement because i spent 10-15 minutes shaving the 95% of his ass that didn’t fit in his ridiculously short mini-skirt. he filled it out way better than i ever would have.

if that’s not love, i don’t know what is.

if you have a weak stomach, or don’t like men, or don’t want to see any random “coin purses” (to put it gently) hanging out of skanky outfits, i don’t suggest clicking on the links above.