Scary Drivers

this post is a little late but it’s worth sharing. especially if you’re a female who owns a vehicle.

i was driving home from adam’s sunday night and had what might be the worst driving experience i’ve ever had, accidents aside.

i left at ~7:30 because i wanted to get home at a “reasonable” hour (midnight is reasonable, right?). usually i procrastinate and don’t leave until around 9. anyway, i wasn’t even out of fayetteville city limits when this red firebird got on my tail. when i say on my tail, i mean he was about 10 feet from my rear bumper for nearly 60 freaking miles. :mad:

i went through fayetteville, spring lake, whatever is between spring lake and sanford, sanford, and siler city with this guy on my tail. when he wasn’t on my tail, he was pulling up beside me (or riding in my blind spot), all the while slowing down and speeding up so i couldn’t pass him or get away from him. then he would speed up and fly ahead of me about 100 feet, slow WAY down, wait for me to pass him, and then repeat.

at one point, i tweeted (yes, i tweeted while driving, i was irritated) that there was a car with 2 creepy older men following me rather closely for a pretty good distance. my mom read it and called within like 5 minutes to make sure i wasn’t dead. i was a little bit past sanford when the car got off at an exit so i told my mom they left and got off the phone.

BUT THEY WERE NOT GONE. :yell: they went through the exit, got back on the on ramp, got back on the highway, and continued to screw with me for another 15 miles or so.

if you’ve ever been through this area, you know how desolate it is. it’s all farm land and there is 1 gas station exit between siler city and greensboro. after they got back on the highway, i started to panic. my original plan was to get off the highway and go to a gas station (a well lit and populated one in a not deliverance-like area).

luckily, they either got fed up or decided to let me breathe again and got off on another podunk exit. but let me just say that for about 60 miles, my heart was racing and you better believe my doors were locked. i had only made eye contact with them one time and that was in fayetteville when i looked to my left to see who was revving their engine at me. o_0 i don’t think they had a dental plan or had taken showers in about 6 weeks. there are some real creeps out there and somehow i attract every damn one of them.