Sappy Chick Flicks

it’s 1:45 in the morning and i’m awake watching the holiday again. i saw it over fall break with my stepmom and it has since become one of my favorite movies. it’s the only movie that has made me cry in a long time, but it’s a good cry.

i have been thinking about adam coming home all day, even during biology lab while we poked at dead pigs and flatworms. it’s all i’ve been thinking about all week, really, and i’m wondering if i’ll even be able to concentrate on my statistics exam tomorrow afternoon. he got new orders that said he’s supposed to leave for italy in june instead of february, which is absolutely spectacular. i must try and remember what it’s like to have a boyfriend that lives in the same country. i can’t wait to see him next weekend, i can’t wait to see his mom and little brother, i can’t wait to run all over the east coast, i can’t wait for our trip, i can’t wait to spend the next 7 months with the most amazing guy in the world. i can not wait to be a girlfriend running around with her boyfriend again. the butterflies are definitely back in full force.

and i almost completely forgot about our costume extravaganza earlier today. laura and i went to the new “night secrets” store that just opened up. they are the only place besides wal-mart that has halloween costumes and these are GOOD costumes. they were all $40+ so we didn’t buy anything except hair glitter. go figure. anyway, we went to wal-mart and found spiderman costumes. it’s pretty awful, but also pretty damn hilarious. i will look back on those pictures when i’m 70 and wonder what the hell i was thinking when i put that thing on. it was a miracle we got them off. adam will be proud.

i need to get some sleep. i’ve got a long weekend ahead of me. i’m driving to raleigh tomorrow afternoon after my exam to go to the hurricanes game with the guys and then we’re driving back right after the game. i have to be on campus early saturday morning to get ready for AppalachLAN VIII!!! i’m stressed and excited and nerved up as always, but i think it will be another huge success.

the chick flick sappiness is pouring out of me and i need to get in bed before i start crying and thinking and being a girl. i just can’t wait until next weekend. i am absolutely ecstatic.