I Finally Decided On a Design

after nearly falling asleep at my keyboard a few nights in a row, i finally came up with something i like. if you don’t have mozilla firefox, it probably looks like shit. :biggrin: internet explorer can kiss my ass. what was microsoft thinking when they let themselves get so behind on CSS? and also transparent .png files. those evidently don’t work in IE either. :grr:

i have been sitting in the computer lab ever since i left statistics class (at 1:50) poking around with this thing trying to get it perfect. sometimes i wish i had not acquired my dad’s anal retentiveness.

in other news, i got a 90 on my statistics quiz. i have an exam friday and i’m nervous, but i think i will be fine. i understand it and it doesn’t even make my brain hurt that bad anymore. we’ll see what happens.

i’m going to meander around and find something to occupy my time for an hour before jill and i go gorge on flipside deep dish pizza. i can’t wait.