i was at one of the ALUG LAN parties over 2 years ago when i decided to make a bunch of shirts and stickers and crap on cafe press. i never actually bought any of them. until last week.

unfortunately, ALUG (appalachian linux users group) ceased to exist over a year ago and has since been taken over by OSUM (open source university meet up) and has an *almost* 100% new membership. most of the guys from ALUG have graduated and work at red hat now or have started careers elsewhere. either way, ALUG events and, more importantly, the people within ALUG were the source of (and still are the source of) some of the fondest memories i ever had in college.

SO… i gave in and bought a t-shirt, a sticker (for ze laptop), and a magnet (for ze fridge). this way, whether i’m wearing the shirt, or i’m on my laptop, or i’m pigging out in my kitchen, i will always think of the ridiculousness that is/was the ALUG guys and the entertaining (and frequently awkward) conversations that came from them.

even though i put it on there (mostly for laughs), i sincerely hope no one ever purchases the thong available on that website. ever.