New iPhone Owner

i finally broke away from my mom’s cell phone plan. i am a brand spanking new iPhone owner, and i love it. this is the first apple product i’ve ever owned and i could not be happier with my purchase. :happy:

first of all, i bought the 3G because it dropped $99 in price. i was able to get it for $99 flat by making my contract a family plan. this means i have 2 phone numbers, 550 anytime minutes on each line, and unlimited data/text messaging on my main line for $110.00/month. because i got the family plan, i got $400 off of the iPhone because technically i added it to the second line. o_0 except my second line will just sit in my room and never be touched unless i somehow go over my 550 anytime minutes. since i can’t use my phone at work or even have it turned on, this leaves me with a 4 hour window to screw that up. if i go over 550 minutes (20 hours per week, 4 weeks per month), it means i have somehow mastered time travel and i must be a freaking magician. :grin:

i don’t think i’ve put the damn thing down since buying it. which is a good and a bad thing. on the good side, i’m never bored. on the bad side, i have a hard time paying attention to anything or anyone else and i get nothing done.

i took screenshots of the apps i got so far. :geek: if i’m missing anything, someone inform me. they’re like crack.

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