Ridiculously Strong Cravings

cheeseburger i know most women get cravings for random crap, especially while PMSing. or… preggo. but i’ve always gotten the WORST cravings at the worst moments. like right now. at my desk. i can practically taste a freaking cheeseburger but i am nowhere within reach of one, and won’t be for at least another hour. and then i clicked to the next page on digg and an article entitled “epic burgers of dallas” popped up. TERRIBLE TIMING, DIGG.

monday night, i couldn’t stop craving chocolate, and it was like 10:30 at night, or somewhere around there. brett and i already had dinner and were watching the football game. i couldn’t stand it anymore. i got up and drove to wal-mart and came home with ice cream. and also pie. it was awful, but so SO good.

i do the same thing with kitkat bars all the time. it’s sick. and even sicker that wal-mart is less than a mile from our apartment.

every time i get a craving for cupcakes, i’ll whip up 2 batches (1 box = 2 batches) of them, eat 1 cupcake, craving subsides, and everybody at work gets cupcakes the next day. same thing with cheesecake, except i usually end up eating like half of it.

even after talking about cupcakes and cheesecake and ice cream and kitkat bars for the last 4 paragraphs, i have been thinking about delicious cheeseburgers while writing this entire post, and i guarantee you that when i go to the bank after work to make a deposit, i will be stopping to facesmash a cheeseburger on the way home.