Days Like Today

for whatever reason, loki has decided she doesn’t like waiting for us to wake up in the morning to do her business. she gets these random spurts. like… she’ll go without having an accident for 7-8 months, and then one morning… WHOOPS! and then she’ll continue to be out of sync for the next 2-3 days until she gets her “routine” back. this morning, lucky for me, was the day she got her routine back. and for the first time in 4 mornings, she didn’t crap on the living room floor.

thanks to that, i was able to retain some of my sanity, and save it for the rest of today.

brett and i were both running late this morning, so when i got out of the shower i looked in the mirror, of course my face was breaking out. i can shower, dry my hair, put my make-up on, and be dressed and out the door in 30 minutes. IF my face isn’t completely jacked up. this morning? it was not one of those mornings. because i am incapable of going in public when my face looks like it’s been attacked by angry birds. needless to say, i was definitely late this morning.

i got to work and checked my e-mail. my stupid inbox is “full”. this happened a week ago, so i set outlook to archive all my e-mail that was 6+ months old (which was working for a while). for whatever reason, instead of archiving it into offline folders, it deleted it. and still thinks it’s full. one more reason i hate M$. it doesn’t always do what you tell it to do. coincidentally, my phone has run out of space, also, so at the moment i’m unable to receive any of my e-mails on it. which isn’t a problem, per se, i’m just not motivated enough to fix it yet. whatever.

went to check my bank account. i’ve been blowing $ like crazy lately. $350 for welding, $300 on my credit card, put a chunk into my ING account, $320 for the car, $70 for advance auto, $127 for final at&t bill (yes, FINAL, just NOW, when i cancelled that crap AGES ago, stupid termination fees), $95 at kohl’s… which leads me to the REAL problem–my dedit card # got stolen again.

i have significantly slowed down on my online spending since this happened back in july. i can honestly say that i’ve been good about that. but at the same time, i didn’t know where my card # got stolen in the first place. of all places, i did not expect it to be kohl’s. turns out, it was. because i went back and checked my july bank statement today, and 4 days after making a purchase on, my card # was stolen and $800 worth of crap (air jamaica?! YOU’RE WELCOME, ASSHOLE) was fraudulently charged to my account. so, that $95 i spent at kohl’s 4 days ago? it turned into roughly $695. and guess what one of the charges was for! AIR JAMAICA! seriously? i’m all for a jamaican vacation, but at LEAST let me go with you.

needless to say, i’m pissed. i was even more pissed when the lady on the phone (from my bank) tried to tell me that it was my fault. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? no. it is NOT my fault. it is the fault of the “security” team over at for not securing their shit right and letting innocent people get ripped off. i know that since i work in security, i should be paranoid and not use my card on the internet, but that’s why we have JOBS. to keep these things from happening.

and then sometimes i think that if the internet had never been born, and none of these issues (along with the many other side effects of extreme technology-overload) even existed, i’d be perfectly happy SO HAPPY living on a farm in the middle of nowhere working my ass off doing manual labor and chasing chickens. some of you might think i’m insane for even saying that, but you’re talking to the same person who just spent $700 to learn how to weld, who is also considering taking bull-riding classes in freaking oklahoma, and secretly wants to be a construction worker. you have no idea.

anyway, to top it off, i went to make my lunch, which was one of these marie callender things, and it was terrible. i can eat her damn pot pies all day long, but this was disgusting. i actually had to stop eating it after like 2 bites and wash it down with pretzels… and i really don’t care for pretzels, i just happen to have them because they came in this variety pack thing i bought to throw in my and brett’s lunches. now i know to keep pretzels around.

now… i’m hungry and i’m out $600, until the affidavit i just got notarized and faxed back reaches the right person and it magically appears back in my account. which could be a while. i’m very glad tomorrow is pay day, though that won’t help much once rent goes through in a few days. ohh, life sure knows when to kick you in the ass.