Relief At Last

i went to the doctor this morning for my appointment and i got some medication. the best thing about it is i got 3 months worth and i don’t have to go back until that point. finally, this unnecessary drama and depression will be put to rest. i think this will definitely solve a lot of problems. i mean, my life is great right now. i have no complaints and everything has been going well. there is no reason for me to feel like this all the time… college is still great, classes are fun, i have daniel, i have my friends, and i have my parents returning every pathetic call i’ve made this week. :wink: gah, i don’t need this extra crap going on. it’s not beneficial at all.

today has been great. i got a ton of sleep last night, i took a vitamin when i woke up, and headed out. it’s freezing cold out, snowing, and slushy everywhere. but… i have my polka dot rainboots, my fluffy jacket, and to top it off–it’s a good hair day and i get to stay with daniel for the weekend… which starts in, ohh… 2 hours. :smile: hell yes for no friday classes! i’m gonna make a trip to walmart, hopefully get some dos amigos in my stomach, grab my car, and head for the highlands to watch movies and get started on a great weekend.

i’m in the mac lab waiting to print my plates and make my notepad so i’m gonna get going on that. i’m so excited! thank you to everyone who e-mailed with suggestions and stuff and thank you mom and dad for being so supportive lately. GOTTA GO!