Recent Movie Craze

i’ve never been a big movie person. of course, i like movies, and i like going to movies (despite the ridiculous $9 it costs to see one these days), but usually you’ll find me behind a computer screen. i recently realized how many good movies i missed growing up after i got flamed for not having seen shawshank redemption until a week ago.

when i lived with my mom, i rarely turned on the TV in my bedroom. i actually had to pull up a picture of my old bedroom just now to see if i even had my TV in my bedroom in high school because i couldn’t remember. that is kind of sad. i didn’t even bring my TV to college my freshman year.

my sophomore year, i lived in a tiny studio apartment. my TV was the focal point of the apartment, and it was on 100% of the time. but i didn’t have cable. or a game system. so… basically it played under the tuscan sun on repeat, because that was the only feel-good movie i had in my collection of 9 DVDs. that year, i was too depressed to watch anything else.

and the rest of college? the TV stayed in the living room. i can probably count the number of times i sat on the couch in the living room and watched it. i was always in my bedroom on the computer.

UNTIL RECENTLY. maybe something finally clicked. maybe i’m getting sick of staring at a computer screen all day AND night. maybe it’s because we like getting cozied up on the couch after dinner together. more than likely it’s the latter.

in the last week-and-a-half/2 weeks we’ve watched…

  • sherlock holmes
  • up in the air
  • zombieland
  • where the wild things are
  • the hurt locker
  • kill bill
  • house of the devil
  • avatar
  • shawshank redemption
  • the prestige
  • the book of eli

SO EXCITING. i need more movie suggestions. i have a netflix account and i need suggestions for my queue. HIT ME.