I Shall Take Him Everywhere...

my new pet came in the mail yesterday. FINALLY. he does absolutely nothing, and is so not worth the $20 i paid, but i couldn’t resist. i believe i’ve made it quite obvious that i’m addicted to twitter (and every other form of social networking). and now i will tote him all over the globe. wherever i go, he will be there. and i will snap a photo.

except for at work, because if i bring my iPhone in here they might kill my first born. well, probably not. but i would most likely lose my badge. perhaps a limb. definitely my iPhone.

i did actually bring him to work, though. i must stay prepared for a potential adventure.

so i will take pictures of him everywhere except for work. all his adventures can be seen here. i am contemplating naming him something other than ollie, but it says that on the box he came in, so i might be stuck with it.

[![](http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4004/4328398713_5f1eefd5cb.jpg "OMG PICKLES!!!")](http://www.flickr.com/photos/shortstackdotnet/4328398713/)
**if you have a request for a specific stupid-plastic-bird adventure, [tell me](http://short-stack.net/contact)!** :happy: this is assuming it does not involve boobs. or nudity of any kind.