Tuesday Meditation houghts

over the past couple years, i've made a very conscious shift.

social notifications have remained off.

i share less, and only share things that feel real or meaningful or valuable or fun, with love.

no unnecessary dopamine bumps or anxiety or annoyances from things that do not serve me.

i don't feel compelled to respond to anyone who doesn't align with me
i actively try to let go of expectations

i consume less, and it's only what i choose to consume, no more endless or meaningless scrolling

i've really tried to detach ego from work and social media, and anything else i can, and find my own fulfillment and value from within, and with what i can/want to contribute or create, vs before where i felt compelled to generate those things incessantly, like i had no sense of worth if i wasn't generating xyz all the time, often with less meaning

it's peaceful, and i am grateful for the change it has brought in my day to day.