I Blinked And They Grew Up

never in my pre-kids life did i imagine i would have 3 kids, or any kids, let alone twins. i believe the universe has its way of helping you find your way back to yourself if you allow it, and these girls have been a massive part of this journey.

being a mom continues to push every limit i thought i had, and then some. it's forced me to become a better human, to take better care of myself, and to recognize what's important, and what no longer serves me, so that i can show up for them.

i find peace in the day to day chaos (some days this is easier than others 😂), knowing i'm doing the best i can to raise these tiny humans, and to give them a wonderful life.

i love these girls with a love i didn't know existed until i became a mom, and i am so thankful for every lesson they've brought along the way.

also, i am le tired 🫠