pictures from asheville will be up as soon as i get unlazy enough to transfer all of them from my laptop to my PC. i have to find another USB cable… and it’s somewhere tangled in all the rest of the cables i have lying around my room.

i really should start packing for school, but everytime i try to get going, it makes me sad. i am still really excited about going and it’s gonna be a blast because i’ve got a ton of friends there and my roommate is a sweetheart. i just can’t get over the fact that i’m leaving all my friends here behind. maybe you guys can live in my dorm room too. :cool: you will be missed while i’m not home! party at thomas’s when i get back!

i have been listening to coheed & cambria this afternoon and i really wish it didn’t bring up as many good memories as it does. :angry:

i’m gonna shower. collin is coming to get me later on tonight and matt, alex, collin, lauren, & i are staying at alex’s tonight. i’m gonna miss these guys. tonight better be good.

becky & sarah, i miss you already!

oh, i forgot to mention something about the website. i’ve decided that i’m going to leave my PC at home for now and just leave the server up and running. it’ll be one less thing to worry about while i’m moving in and getting settled down. i’m going to try to rebuild my old PC and set up either linux or windows on it and leave it running 24/7 so i can put my website on there instead of this PC and get my desktop to school. mom, i know you read this… do not turn my computer off after i leave. :biggrin: i will not be a happy camper.