long day

i’m sitting at early/byrd/jarrod/kennedy/jessica’s house… that list keeps getting longer. 7 of us are just sitting around watching family guy. seawelly and duane left and jarrod went to sleep so we’re all huddled in front of the TV.

a whole mess of us went to see alien vs. predator tonight and it was great. some parts of it were a little sketch, but i enjoyed it. i won’t spoil it for those of you who still haven’t seen it.

matt called and woke me up at 12 this afternoon so i dragged my ass out of bed, showered, and went to best buy, chile’s, & borders with phil. it was a fun afternoon and a fun evening… so thanks to everyone who ended up going out tonight.

i’m sleepy but i don’t feel like driving home yet even though it’s a whopping 2 miles down the road. i’m gonna watch tv now.