i haven’t been online hardly at all since friday afternoon. daniel picked me up after work and i’ve been at the highlands since then. i have an exam tomorrow morning and i studied for it a bit earlier today and made a study guide and all, so i think i’m gonna be alright. and after wednesday morning’s presentation, i’m home free!

this weekend rocked. it was full of snow, video games, snow, poker, snow, wine, snow, birthday parties, snow, lasagna, snow, cake, and more snow! :smile: good stuff. daniel and chris poured water all over the back steps at their apartment to see how fast it would freeze, and i feel bad for the unfortunate soul who happens to walk on them.

so last night daniel and i were watching indiana jones on TV. i fell asleep. daniel decided that my head wasn’t quite all the way on the pillow i was sleeping on so it would be pretty alright to take it since i wasn’t using “all” of it. well, he yanked it out from under my head to use it for himself and of course, my head flopped back on the bed. i woke up and was kind of disoriented for a second wondering, “wtf happened to the soft nice pillow i had an hour ago?” i turned to my right and daniel was laying on a huge mountain of pillows watching TV. i looked up at him and because i was half asleep still, i just said “daniel, you just ganked my pillow and if you ever do that again i’m gonna take the goddang pillow and shove it up your ass, you are a butthead, GOODNIGHT!” or something along those lines. this is what he’s told me. he did not stop laughing for probably 20 minutes after that, so i was kept awake by his goofy half-retarded giggles (i don’t mind, it’s funny as crap) for a good while after that. daniel, you are awesome.

i kicked ass at poker last night. it was my first time playing. :cool: damn i’m good.

i’m gonna go get pajamas and see who’s awake around this place.

:wassat: check out what grainger made!!!