Chizillin' @ Work

last night the tech. support crew (me, stephen, eric, james, ashley, brandi, chris) invaded geno’s. the evening was spent playing trivia and watching stephen get increasingly more drunk :wassat: hahaha… good times, good times. i’d never had wings there but they’re pretty damn good. a few pictures are up–i didn’t get many.

now i’m sitting at tech. support, rocking out to van halen, drinking orange soda, and playing on my laptop. brent is supposed to be helping me load slackware on here later this afternoon and it’s gonna be freaking sweet. i’m excited. :crazy: none of us are really doing any work… rob just got another new free toy from dell. first he got a new mobo and now he got a new hard drive because something went wrong with the mobo and he’s just having all kinds of issues. rob, you’ll be okay one of these days. i promise. :biggrin: i need food. my hunger is making me get really bad hiccups and they’re starting to hurt!!! those are the worst kind.

my theatre exam this morning took 15 minutes. i think i did pretty well on it. :smile: i love it when tests go like that. AND… i only have 1 more left, and a powerpoint presentation to do on wednesday. heck yeah. i’ve almost officially completed my first college semester.

i do believe i’ll be at the highlands later on today. life is good. :wink: