Obligatory Post Concert Post

dude. i… have never been this saddened by a concert.

miss willie brown == awesome.

josh thompson == awesome.

dierks bentley == awesome.

the crowd? SUCKAGE. zero movement. hardly any singing. hardly what you could call yelling.

brett danced his ass off. i danced my ass off. i should be a hobbit in another life. truly. bluegrass and irish music speak to me in a way no other music can. i don’t stop moving. my arms and feet going a mile a minute. it’s insane. i have no voice left. best feeling in the world. but… the crowd was terrible.

there were 2 couples in front of us that made brett and i look like drunken fools. whether we were or not? that is a different story. but they stood like FREAKING STATUES the entire time. for over four hours. that is ridiculous.

if i hear music? my hips are moving, whether i want them to or not. these people? nope. nothing. they simply were not human.

meanwhile, brett and i kept going. beers and arms in the air. flailing about without a care in the world.

it made me realize even more why i love him. because we are one in the same. in several ways. but especially when it comes to country music, and dancing. we fell in love on the dance floor twirling around to dixieland delight, and it happens all over again every time.

thank you, dierks bentley, josh thompson, and miss willie brown. i am sorry for the suckage that is charleston country fans, and for the lack of enthusiasm and hollering and dancing.