new years thoughts


this was taken the morning of day 1 of quarantine, march 2020.

it feels like i blinked.

i remember those early pandemic days. 2-3 hour shifts of work/kids/chaos. i remember thinking how much harder everything was about to get. and ohhh, it did. it definitely did.

but discomfort and disruption brought reflection. reflection brought the death of an old and toxic life, and the birth of a new one. nothing came easy, but it has all meant so much more, and encouraged so much growth.

i can't believe this all started 3 nearly years ago. and i can't believe my girls are 3 years older. it hurts my mom feels to see how much they've grown since then.

all this to say, i am thankful for the lows that allowed me to experience the highs. i'm thankful for the disruption that so drastically changed our lives. i'm thankful for my girls who have showed me what i'm capable of. i'm thankful for a supportive partner and our journey together.

i'm thankful for finding myself in the midst of all of this.