new layout

i fixed the news (once again). i’m getting so very sick of it. maybe i’ll go back to the old school news posting. i’d have much less to gripe about i think.

the new layout is up and i don’t know how much i like it or how long it’ll be up. the other one said summer 2004 on it and now that school is starting up, it is no longer summer. it’d been up for 3 months now anyway… time for a little bit of a change. it was getting on my nerves. :biggrin:

my mom and i went to space savers today and got a big tub to put clothes and crap in, and 3 baskets/bins to go underneath my bed to hold crap. i found a desk thing that holds pencils/markers/pens/cds/stapler/holepunch and all that crap. it’ll be a lot easier to keep things organized if i actually have something to put them in rather than laying all over my desk. i just want to move in and get situated in the new room… i’m sick of waiting now. friday will be nuts, but it’ll be a good time. i have to figure out a list of grocery crap to get for the fridge because my dad wants to go before we leave for boone so maybe we won’t be in such a rush and it might not be as crowded around here as it will be on campus.

i have to meet up with brendan tonight. :wassat: he just got out of fort benning (yes, another one) and he’s finally home after a good 7 months. i really wanna see this kid before he runs off somewhere again. sometime tomorrow i have to meet up with phil before i go to boone, and then anyone else that i haven’t gotten to see yet. i’m losing track of everything. so much to do and not enough time!

grainger is supposed to come to boone saturday, siner is having a party saturday night, james is supposed to maybe come to boone sometime this weekend, and charlie’s party is sunday… this weekend is going to be so packed. :crazy: ahhh… and i’m going to lose my mind through all of it.