i guess this means a fresh start

thank you to the prejudice piece of shit who took it upon himself to delete every picture of every memory i’ve had for the past 3-4 years. you really suck at life.

i really shouldn’t be flipping out like i am, but i have had pictures online of basically every place/party/trip i’ve been to for the past 3-4 years of my life and i had a good portion of them backed up at home. obviously since i’ve been at school and not at home nearly as often, i’ve not been able to continue backing everything up like i had been doing in the past. i lost a lot. portfolio? gone. resume? 1/2 gone. pictures? mm.. probably 60-75% gone. and there’s a bunch of other shit that got deleted but is of significantly less importance to me. i want to destroy something right now.

i’m supposed to be going to see this hypnotist guy tonight with chris and some other friends so hopefully it’ll take my mind off things. i’m a nostalgia freak so i’m probably blowing things way out of proportion so i’m trying to rationalize with the fact that my huge damn box of scrapbooks and “memorabilia” stuff is sitting next to me and life goes on. happy thoughts… happy thoughts.

i hope that turkish bastard gets struck by lightning and his brain cells get so fried that he won’t even know what a computer is anymore.