"My name is Dorothy and I am going to the Emerald City, to ask the Great Oz to send me back to Kansas."

the former president of the ASU gaming club, phil, is one lucky son of a gun. his family owns 2 beach houses–one on the beach, and one on the sound at emerald isle/indian beach. the house alone was beautiful, but once i walked in the door, i was like a little kid in a candy store. i was running in every room screaming, “OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS” like i’d never seen anything like it in my life.

i quickly got that out of my system and found a giant blanket and we all sat on the porch for the rest of the evening staring at the moon and the coast with phil’s 24x binoculars.

by the time we got to the house it was about 11 and it had been a long day for most of us so everyone was pretty beat. i, however, was still wide awake. maybe it was because i had been nerved up all evening thinking about my cousin. it could also be the fact that loki had eaten my inhaler earlier that morning and i made the guys go on a wild goose chase (we went in eckerds, harris teeter (OMG double parenthesis, harris teeter has the best tuna salad croissants i’ve ever tasted), food lion, k-mart, wal-mart, target, another drug store, and finally found one at kroger) around raleigh/garner/cary looking for an over-the-counter inhaler. evidently no one but the walgreens in boone sells those things.

the clerk at eckerds told me that the primatene inhalers were hard to find now because they kill people. who knew? I WOULD USE A PRESCRIPTION ONE BUT I’M SORRY, MY DOG ATE IT. that is when he laughed in my face.

i woke up to the sound of bacon frying (Mmmm…) and we had a scrumptious bacon and scrambled egg breakfast around 9:30. phil had suggested going clamming but no one else wanted to go out in the “freezing cold” water. it was not freezing. it was a bit chilly, but you couldn’t feel it after about a minute of flailing around in it. i put my board shorts and a giant t-shirt on and phil’s newphew’s shoes. phil later informed me that his newphew was only 4 years old.

this is me playing in the sound digging for clams. this is the only one i caught. i only actually felt 3 with the rake and i think i covered every inch of sand in a pretty big area. adam’s dad would probably be disappointed because he is the one who took me my first time. maybe there just weren’t many today. i will make up for it when i go up there, i suppose. :smile:

we spent an hour or 2 down at the beach frolicking in the ocean, collecting shells, chasing each other, and playing in the sand. it was a gorgeous day and there wasn’t much wind. the water was warm and i wish we could’ve stayed longer. i also wish i hadn’t worn jeans. i figured the ocean water was going to be as cold as the sound but i was completely wrong. laying in the sun was nice, though. it was relaxing, and i needed that after a hectic weekend.

i was sad when we left at 2:30 in the afternoon. i thought we were staying later than that, but i guess it worked out better in the end anyway. we stopped for lunch at a little BBQ/seafood drive-in place and got shrimp sandwiches, flounder sandwiches, burgers, and fries. it was pretty damn good. you can’t beat fresh seafood.

we hit the road after lunch and got to raleigh by dinner time. this was perfect timing for me to get stuck in 5 o’clock traffic on I-40 for about 45 minutes but i made decent time. i stopped at home to visit my mom and take a shower and take a break from being in the car. i’ve put about 800 miles on my car since friday if that says anything.

i am dreading class in the morning but that only means it’s 1 day closer until adam coming home. latest news is that the guys will fly in at about 10:30 saturday morning! nervousness setting in.

the rest of the beach pictures are online and so are the LAN pictures. busy, busy, busy!