My Cat Got R-Kelly'ed

poor thor… again.

adam and i were eating dinner last night. we were all peaceful and happy with our steak and deliciousness. jack jumped up on the back of the nice LEATHER couch and for some reason unknown to me he started peeing. on top. of. the couch. what the… ? why? who does that? for the first time ever, i actually wished he’d pissed on the floor. or even in the bathroom where i can’t see it very well so i might accidentally step in it. but NOT ON THE COUCH, while we are eating DINNER.

so i looked behind me when i heard the all too familiar sound. i immediately screamed, jumped off the couch, threw EVERTHING off of it and onto the floor (including my new purse that fell victim), and i glanced over at thor. his little (and wet) body was sitting there staring at me like he couldn’t process what had just happened. i am pretty sure rampage was hit, too, but thor took the brunt of the attack.

between getting chewed up and spit out (he has a permanent hole in his ear from that encounter) and now getting peed on, i think he might be relieved about the move to boone in a week.