Missin' it Already

i want to go back to fayetteville. i had thursday-sunday night to spend at adam’s in fayetteville and i already want to go back. if this kid ever gets sent back to afghanistan, i don’t really know what i’m gonna do!! i just saw him 4 hours ago. ugh. seeya in 2 weeks, babe. monster jams was awesome!!! i’ll put pictures up later. i took a ton. the rest of the weekend consisted of going to dinner, sleeping in, and watching movies. adam took me to see munich (amaaazing movie) and we went to a brewery/restaurant one night and ordered pizza one night and went to one of those japanese places where they cook in front of you another night. besides the theatre, those 3 dinners, and monster jams saturday night, we stayed in bed and watched movies and did absolutely nothing. sleeping until 3 in the afternoon everyday never felt better and every time i come home after being at bragg it’s like jet lag and i have to adjust to sleeping without arms around me again.

i’m in winston for the night. i didn’t feel like driving all the way back to boone and it’s nice staying at home. :smile: it just means getting up an hour and a half earlier, and the drive in the morning up the mountain is almost always gorgeous.

back to the same ol’ schedule this week. poo.