In A Rut

the past few days i’ve felt like absolute ass. i think it’s PMS just kicking me in the rear but it does weird things to the female mind. maybe a bit of seasonal depression catching up too. spring break will be wonderful when it finally gets here. florida, here we come! jill, be prepared.

tonight i talked to adam on the phone for a good 2 hours or more. i hadn’t talked to him much in the past 2 days because he had to move into new barracks and got put on 24 hour guard duty… so it was nice. i was able to vent and bitch about all the things that have been running through my mind lately about school and summer plans that are up in the air, got out all the pent up anger from people around here driving me nuts, and just talked. he told me that there is talk of him having to go to africa this summer but it’s just an if so that might not even happen. if it did, that… that sucks a whooole freaking lot and i will probably be paranoid every day that he’s there. that’s just scary.

on a good note… :biggrin: i’m looking forward to this weekend a lot. ben, sarah, and liz are coming up for jenna’s birthday and the influence is playing at the bar so that’ll be a lot of fun. i haven’t gone out to the bar since my “yeehaw” scene at geno’s. it’ll be nice. i suppose not partying much has paid off since i’ve gotten Bs and As on all my tests and assignments so far… i suppose mom and dad were right, again. but the past couple weeks have been booorrring for the time i’ve spent in boone. fayetteville, however, that’s a different story.

everything has been good lately other than the random annoying as shit mood swings. good grades, no drama, enjoying classes, and work is always fun, and seeing friends, and life in general = happiness.

i think i need some premsyn. i think that’s what it’s called. or maybe birth control pills. those seemed to even out mood swings and stuff like that. iuno. we’ll see.