Man Time

brett came home from oklahoma yesterday afternoon, and his buddies got here about 3 hours later. and i haven’t stopped moving ever since.

i took a half day on friday. actually, it ended up being less than that because i started feeling sick around 10:30. realizing i had a ton of crap to get done before they showed up, i decided to leave and get it done before i started feeling worse. which meant wal-mart before going home. which meant i started feeling worse almost immediately. i hate wal-mart. i try to avoid it as much as possible and go to food lion when i can. it’s smaller, quicker, and you don’t have to deal with nearly as many total effing idiots.

i made sure to get plenty of food for the guys. brett and his brother eat more than anyone i’ve met in my life, and seeing as how i knew there would be beer involved, i knew i needed to make enough food to go along with it. and, of course, buy the beer. because our supply was totally eliminated over UFC126/superbowl weekend. including 3 bottles of whiskey. insane.

i made the pioneer woman’s chicken spaghetti, making a few minor changes to the recipe. i finished reading her book (novel, not the cookbook) thursday night and she mentioned the recipe in one of the first chapters. i don’t really care for onions or peppers, but chicken spaghetti, she assures, is a man pleaser. so instead of veggies, i threw in some chopped up green chilies, a heaping spoonful of sour cream, a little bit of milk, and plenty of extra cheese. it was… SO so good. and i only got to eat a bite of it. they totally DEMOLISHED an entire 18×10 casserole dish of it. i found it this morning.

before they got here yesterday, i managed to: vacuum the entire house, dust everything, wash the kitchen floor and counters, clean out the cat box, take out the trash, clean out all 3 fish bowls, do a few loads of laundry, and wrap up brett’s valentine’s present. it isn’t much, since i already got us tickets to the kid rock concert. but it’s something he wanted so i wrapped it up extra cute and got him a card.

and then i made a castle of cupcakes. literally. i found this spiral tower cupcake holder thing for like $5, and it’s red, so not only does it work for valentine’s day, it matches everything in our kitchen. so i bought heart-shaped sprinkles and baked a dozen chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. devil’s food cake… i forgot how good it was. the cupcakes didn’t get broken into until about 10 last night when we finished playing beer pong and corn hole and had an appetite that was through the roof. they tasted about a thousand times better than they probably should have.

brett and i crashed early. like 11:30 maybe. i don’t even really remember. he had been up since 3 and i’d been up since 4. we were exhausted. i woke up at 9:30 and baked cinnamon rolls for everyone. i love doing that. mostly because that smell just can’t be beaten when you wake up in the morning. it is pure heaven. brett and his brother were still asleep, and phil had been up since 7 playing video games. i left a plate next to all 3 of them. i felt like a little kitchen elf bringing cinnamon joy to everyone.

we all dragged ourselves to the gym and had a quick run before going to lunch. i am getting so much better. i can feel it. we’ve gone to the gym almost every day for the past 5 weeks and i’ve not only lost weight, but i am down to a 6-minute mile. i haven’t been able to do that since 2007. i never mentioned it on here, but i quit crossfit a few months ago. it was $85 a month, and when i started having $380 car payments, i was quick to cut that out of my budget. that, and flying lessons are not something i want to quit any time soon.

we went to the beer store after lunch. which, you know, makes perfect sense after hitting the gym. i had never been into total wine before 2 weeks ago, and we were like kids in a candy store. coming out with 6 6-packs of 6 different beers, and a case of dead guy ale. i think we’re covered.

we got home and showered. they got back to playing left for dead, and i got right back in the kitchen. but not before brett did a load of dishes and walked the dog and took the trash out. i am a lucky girl. we’re going out for seafood tonight, but i know that when we get home and start watching the strikeforce fight, they’re gonna be hungry again, so i deep fried 30-40 wings and soaked them in texas pete buffalo sauce and melted butter. that should fix the beer munchies later.

angry birds is calling me and i am done playing susie homemaker for at least a few hours. i think i can relax now.