I Wish I Were Better At This

i don’t know why i can never convince myself to blog sometimes (on the other hand, sometimes i do it too much). i am one of the most nostalgic people i know. i take pictures of the dumbest things, food included, just to remember everything about certain events. i tweet just about everything, even when i probably shouldn’t at times. yet, when it comes time to write it all down, i draw a blank.

like… today i woke up, went to work while brett stayed home sick (finally convinced him to stay home since he kind of sounded like he was dying), ate indian food with my boss and my other boss (who claims he isn’t my boss), came home, and brett is still sick. yea.

all day, i wrote python until i thought my eyeballs were going to bleed, but my project finally ended up working the way i wanted it to, so all in all, it was a successful day.

just really, really… bland. except the indian food. which was quite the opposite.

the only really “interesting” parts of my day were in the car. once when it started raining while i was leaving base, and RIGHT when it started raining, garth brooks “the thunder rolls” came on, and it just made me smile. it’s pretty much spring here in charleston now, meaning it’s 80 degrees every other day, and the smell of summer is right around the corner, and the smell of the rain is one of the few things i CAN actually smell. it is intoxicating.

the other “interesting” thing was when i started thinking about rain, that made me think about sunshine, which in turn made me think about moonshine, and then all of a sudden my brain was like BOONESHINE! and then i raced home, laid down on the couch with brett, and was like BRETT I’M GOING TO BUY BOONESHINE.COM! but it was taken so i had to get boone-shine.com, and then i got booneshine.net for the hell of it.

now i have to do something with it.

i told you it wasn’t that exciting. but little things like that make me happy. OH, and the guard at the gate today told me that he wants my truck. he was like, “is that YOUR truck?! can i drive it?!” and i got this stupidly huge smile and said, “YUP IT SURE IS!” and drove off. sooo classy. i suck at compliments.

i think i’m gonna make steaks for dinner. it feels like a steak and beer night since it’s rainy and warm outside.