this movie makes me happy. i have a whopping 14 DVDs in my movie collection and i think i’ve seen them all about 20 times a piece. in no way is that a complaint at all ’cause the only movies i own are my favorites and are surefire ways to make any day a good day.

last night was pretty fun. matt, rob, and i hung out at rob’s apartment and i cooked dinner and dessert for us. they liked it so my cooking was a success. i need to broaden my cooking skills, though, ’cause i can’t keep cooking the same things over and over again. my dad gave me a cookbook this christmas and i should probably use it more often… break out of my shell and make something really damn weird.

i couldn’t fall asleep last night for some reason. i was tired but i couldn’t get comfortable and my mind was restless. it has happened 3 nights in a row. maybe it’s due to lots of things that i’ve been thinking about lately/have been stressed over or who knows what. it’s weird. it also causes weird sleeping positions and neckaches when you wake up. or limbs falling asleep and that… that’s not cool when i try to stand up in the morning.

today was a gorgeous day outside. work was fun because jennifer and i sat there goofing off and got some really weird phone calls. i had macado’s take-out for lunch and it was so so good. i got another giant french fry and this one was bigger than the one i had at wendy’s!! i took a picture of it, too. don’t worry. maybe i’ll start a collection. of the pictures, not the actual food because that could cause extra growths and mold and nasty things. plus, brian ate the fry already.

i got a call from grainger today!! he was standing in the desert on guard and he’d been there since 4AM. he said there are giant “africanized killer bees” flying around, coyotes, and rattlesnakes. i told him they should at least let him carry ammo or a grenade to blow those bastards away if they try to hurt him, but apparently he can only carry a knife since he’s just in the mojave desert and there are no real threats except the wildlife. it’d at least be more fun and he’d have something to do besides climb on rocks. he comes home the first week of may and supposedly we’re partying at thomas’s shortly after he comes home. yesss!! :cool: i haven’t seen him in months.

i did another stupid thing this afternoon. i keep forgetting that they tore one of the class buildings down and my direct path to the bus stop is now all contorted and i have to take the other way around now. so instead of getting to the bus on time, i was about 100 feet away when the bus started driving off. i just kept walking and ended up walking the rest of the way home. since it was nice out today and i had my ipod and it was breezy and warm i didn’t mind one bit. someone honked when i was crossing 321, though, and i nearly tripped. i’m smooth.

i’m gonna go back to watching my movie… :smile: i can’t wait ’til this weekend! it’ll be so nice.