Loki and I Bonded This Morning

on a level i never thought was possible…

let’s just say that last night was a bit too much excitement for me to handle. i drank too many different kinds of alcohol to an unhealthy extent which left me crying about events in the past and getting pissed off at frat. guys (actually, i get pissed off at them drunk or sober). jill drove me home at a striking 10:30 and i was down for the count.

i woke up at 6:30 in the morning (a bit surprised because i evidently felt the need to sleep naked and do not remember waking up to strip down to nothing) and threw up. and then i threw up again. and again. you get the picture.

AND NOW I GET TO THE BEST PART. i looked over in the midst of my vomiting extravaganza and loki was right there throwing up next to me. now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a breakthrough in animal and human relationships.

i passed out for another 6 hours or so to find her crawling on top of me, staring me straight in the eye, tail wagging, like “ARE YOU READY TO THROW UP AGAIN, MAMA?” yes, loki. yes, i am. and so we did. :mrgreen: